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An expanded team for specialized services in growing demand.

A tailor-made, turnkey offer

A service that combines customization and simplicity to meet the specific requirements of
asset management companies, trading firms, hedge funds and banks.

Benefit from a unique service in the age of individualized, customized, secure artificial
intelligence, specific to your offer, your market and your strategy.
Your data is segregated at source, and your models are dedicated to your organization.

We tailor your projects to your needs. Your concerns and ambitions are individually
addressed, and your technology is aligned with the interests of your organization.
Don’t miss out on the inevitable A.I. shift, while preserving your personality and vision.

If the use of artificial intelligence has become inevitable, make sure it’s aligned with your
interests and constraints, and not those of “generalist” technology providers.

Strategic alliance for greater responsiveness: Monteroy
and Selim adapts to your needs.

January 2024 marked a new era for Monteroy with the formation of a strategic partnership
with Selim Inc. This powerful alliance aims to strengthen the availability of dedicated teams
for new projects.

By combining its strengths with those of Selim, Monteroy can now respond with even greater
responsiveness to the growing demands of its customers. This flexibility and agility enables
Monteroy to adapt to the specific needs of each project, mobilizing the most competent teams
and guaranteeing a rapid start-up.

Monteroy is now ready to take on the most ambitious challenges.

A few words about Selim Inc.

Since 2018, Selim has been applying its expertise to your software projects, supporting
software development teams in the creation of high-quality, efficient digital products.
With a team of talented and experienced developers, Selim is able to respond effectively to
the most demanding customer requirements.

Its mission:

Offer cutting-edge technical expertise and mastery of the latest technologies.

Bring rigor and discipline to guarantee concrete results.

Put agility at the heart of your projects for optimal adaptation to changing needs.

3 key points for a successful collaboration

Expertise and responsiveness

Benefit from a team of experts dedicated to your project, rapidly mobilized to meet your specific needs.

Turnkey solutions

From concept to completion, we take charge of your entire project, guaranteeing you a complete, tailor-made solution.

Working together for success

Our commitment is to support you throughout your project and implement the best strategies to help you succeed.

Ready to have Monteroy design your software?

For more information about Monteroy’s software design services or for any other questions, contact us today. Our team will assist you according to your needs.